Rosa Melo Félix


Urban cycling and pedestrian mobility researcher.
Master in Territory Engineering by Instituto Superior Técnico, PhD student in Transportation System in the MIT Portugal program. Since 2012 has been working cycling mobility, being that the subject of her master thesis. Rosa participated in the elaboration of the Bicycle Mobility Plan of the Municipality of Loulé and in the team for the integration of the EuroVelo Network in Portugal. She collaborated in Bike Pop project and organized the 1st IST Mobility Week in 2015. She collaborates with Cicloficina dos Anjos, a community bicycle shop, since the beginning (2011), and is a mentor of Cicloficina do Técnico.
Title Authors Year Volume DOI Journal Impact factor Clar.Analytics CERIS Members
Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on the behavior change of cyclists in Lisbon, using multinomial logit regression analysis Costa, M.; Félix, R.; Marques, M.; Moura, F. 2022 V. 14 (art. 100609) 10.1016/j.trip.2022.100609 Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives Filipe Manuel Mercier Vilaça e Moura, Rosa Melo Félix, Miguel Nobre da Costa
Jittering: A Computationally Efficient Method for Generating Realistic Route Networks from Origin-Destination Data Lovelace, R.; Félix, R.; Carlino D. 2022 10.32866/001c.33873 Transport Findings Rosa Melo Félix
The impact of public bike-sharing systems on mobility patterns: Generating or replacing trips? Moura, F.; Valença, G.; Félix, R.; Vale, D.S. 2022 V. 22, n.º 3(341-354) 10.1080/15568318.2022.2163209 International Journal of Sustainable Transportation 3.963 Filipe Manuel Mercier Vilaça e Moura, Rosa Melo Félix, Gabriel Costa Valença
Maturing urban cycling: Comparing barriers and motivators to bicycle of cyclists and non-cyclists in Lisbon, Portugal Félix, R.; Moura, F.; Clifton, K.J. 2019 V. 15 (art. 100628 10.1016/j.jth.2019.100628 Journal of Transport & Health 2,418 Filipe Manuel Mercier Vilaça e Moura, Rosa Melo Félix


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Name Reference Type PI Names CERIS Coordinator Research Group Other CERIS Members Leading Institution Other Institutions Funding Institutions Total Funding Funding for Ceris Beginning Date End Date State Website
PDF STREETS4ALL – Dynamic and Equitable Reallocation of Urban Street Space PTDC/ECI-TRA/3120/2021 National Filipe Manuel Mercier Vilaça e Moura Paulo Jorge Monteiro de Cambra, Rosa Melo Félix IST-ID – Associação do Instituto Superior Técnico para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento (Portugal) FCT 207865,94 142336,3 2022 2025
PDF Bicla-R – Metropolitan Cycling Network: Analysis, Modelling and Support Tool for Planning and Decision Making 1018P.06096.1.01.01 National Filipe Manuel Mercier Vilaça e Moura Rosa Melo Félix IST/CERIS – Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability (Portugal) Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa 44531 1500 2021 2022
PDF PCT-Portugal PARSUK2020 National Rosa Melo Félix Rosa Melo Félix Filipe Manuel Mercier Vilaça e Moura IST/CERIS – Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability (Portugal) FCT 3000 1500 2020 2020