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Alban Kuriqi


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Sill Role Effect on the Flow Characteristics (Experimental and Regression Model Analytical) Abbaszadeh, H.; Norouzi, R.; Sume, V.; Kuriqi, A.; Daneshfaraz, R.; Abraham, J. 2023 V. 8, n.º 8 (art. 235) 10.3390/fluids8080235 Fluids Alban Kuriqi
Impact of Modern Irrigation Methods on Groundwater Storage and Land Subsidence in High-water Stress Regions Abd-Elaty, I.; Fathy, I.; Kuriqi, A.; John, A.P.; Straface, S.; Ramadan, E.M. 2023 V. 37, n.º 4(1827-1840 10.1007/s11269-023-03457-5 Water Resources Management Alban Kuriqi
Assessment of riverbank filtration performance for climatic change and a growing population Abd-Elaty, I.; Kuriqi, A.; Ganayem, H.M.; Ahmed, A.; Saleh, O.K.; Garrote, L. 2023 V. 11 (art. 1136313) 10.3389/fenvs.2023.1136313 Frontiers in Environmental Science Alban Kuriqi
Freshwater cooling injection to mitigate saltwater intrusion and support sustainable groundwater management Abd-Elaty, I.; Kuriqi, A.; Garrote, L. 2023 V. 564 (art. 116776) 10.1016/j.desal.2023.116776 Desalination 9.9 Alban Kuriqi
Mitigation of urban waterlogging from flash floods hazards in vulnerable watersheds Abd-Elaty, I.; Kuriqi, A.; Pugliese, L.; Zelenakova, M.; El Shinawi, A. 2023 V. 47 (art. 101429) 10.1016/j.ejrh.2023.101429 Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 4.7 Alban Kuriqi
Improving drought modeling based on new heuristic machine learning methods Adnan, R.M.; Dai, H.-L.; Kuriqi, A.; Kisi, O.; Zounemat-Kermani, M. 2023 V. 14, n.º 10 (art. 102168) 10.1016/j.asej.2023.102168 Ain Shams Engineering Journal 6.0 Alban Kuriqi
Pan evaporation estimation by relevance vector machine tuned with new metaheuristic algorithms using limited climatic data Adnan, R.M.; Mostafa, R.R.; Dai, H.-L.; Heddam, S.; Kuriqi, A.; Kisi, O. 2023 V. 17, n.º 1 (art. 2192258) 10.1080/19942060.2023.2192258 Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 6.1 Alban Kuriqi
UNCERTAINTIES IN CLIMATE CHANGE SCENARIOS FOR DETERMINING TEMPERATURE AND RAINFALL PATTERNS IN REGIONS WITH MIXED CLIMATE CONDITIONS Aggarwal, R.; Kaur, S.; Dar, M.U.D.; Kuriqi, A. 2023 V. 22, n.º 1(91-106 10.15576/ASP.FC/2023.22.1.91 Acta Scientiarum Polonorum, Formatio Circumiectus 0.4 Alban Kuriqi
Water conservation appraisal using surface runoff estimated by an integrated SCS-CN and MCDA-AHP technique Baghel, S.; Kothari, M.; Tripathi, M.P.; Das, S.; Kumar, A.; Kuriqi, A. 2023 V. 132, n.º 3 (art. 127) 10.1007/s12040-023-02133-x Journal of Earth System Science 1.9 Alban Kuriqi
Assessing the Efficacy of Improved Learning in Hourly Global Irradiance Prediction Dahmani, A.; Ammi, Y.; Bailek, N.; Kuriqi, A.; Al-Ansari, N.; Hanini, S.; Colak, I.; Abualigah, L.; El-Kenawy, E.-S.M. 2023 V. 77(2579-2594 10.32604/cmc.2023.040625 Computers, Materials and Continua 3.1 Alban Kuriqi
Influence of sill integration in labyrinth sluice gate hydraulic performance Daneshfaraz, R.; Norouzi, R.; Ebadzadeh, P.; Kuriqi, A. 2023 V. 8, n.º 4 (art. 118) 10.1007/s41062-023-01083-z Innovative Infrastructure Solutions 2.4 Alban Kuriqi
Mapping Prospects for Artificial Groundwater Recharge Utilizing Remote Sensing and GIS Methods Gururani, D.M.; Kumar, Y.; Abed, S.A.; Kumar, V.; Vishwakarma, D.K.; Al-Ansari, N.; Singh, K.; Kuriqi, A.; Mattar, M.A. 2023 V. 15, n.º 22 (art. 3904) 10.3390/w15223904 Water 3.4 Alban Kuriqi
Influence of seasonal air density fluctuations on wind speed distribution in complex terrains in the context of energy yield Hoxha, B.; Kuriqi, A.; Filkoski, R.V. 2023 10.1007/s40974-023-00301-9 Energy, Ecology and Environment 4.4 Alban Kuriqi
Improving Significant Wave Height Prediction Using a Neuro-Fuzzy Approach and Marine Predators Algorithm Ikram, R.M.A.; Cao, X.; Sadeghifar, T.; Kuriqi, A.; Kisi, O.; Shahid, S. 2023 V. 11, n.º 6 (art. 1163) 10.3390/jmse11061163 Journal of Marine Science and Engineering Alban Kuriqi
Advanced Hybrid Metaheuristic Machine Learning Models Application for Reference Crop Evapotranspiration Prediction Ikram, R.M.A.; Mostafa, R.R.; Chen, Z.; Islam, A.R.M.T.; Kisi, O.; Kuriqi, A.; Zounemat-Kermani, M. 2023 V. 13, n.º 1 (art. 98) 10.3390/agronomy13010098 Agronomy 3.7 Alban Kuriqi
Data-Driven Models for Predicting Solar Radiation in Semi-Arid Regions Jamei, M.; Bailek, N.; Bouchouicha, K.; Hassan, M.A.; Elbeltagi, A.; Kuriqi, A.; Al-Ansar, N.; Almorox, J.; El-Kenawy, E.-S.M. 2023 V. 74, n.º 1(1625-1640 10.32604/cmc.2023.031406 Computers, Materials and Continua 3.1 Alban Kuriqi
Conjunct application of machine learning and game theory in groundwater quality mapping Khiavi, A.N.; Tavoosi, M.; Kuriqi, A. 2023 V. 82, n.º 17 (art. 395) 10.1007/s12665-023-11059-y Environmental Earth Sciences 2.8 Alban Kuriqi
Estimation of Mean Velocity Upstream and Downstream of a Bridge Model Using Metaheuristic Regression Methods Kisi, O.; Ardiçlioglu, M.; Hadi, A.M.W.; Kuriqi, A.; Kulls, C. 2023 V. 37, n.º 14(5559-5580 10.1007/s11269-023-03618-6 Water Resources Management Alban Kuriqi
Energy system analysis with a focus on future energy demand projections: The case of Norway Malka, L.; Bidaj, F.; Kuriqi, A.; Jaku, A.; Roçi, R.; Gebremedhin, A. 2023 V. 272 (art. 127107) 10.1016/ Energy Alban Kuriqi
Application of Innovative Machine Learning Techniques for Long-Term Rainfall Prediction Markuna, S.; Kumar, P.; Ali, R.; Vishwkarma, D.K.; Kushwaha, K.S.; Kumar, R.; Singh, V.K.; Chaudhary, S.; Kuriqi, A. 2023 V. 180, n.º 1(335-363 10.1007/s00024-022-03189-4 Pure and Applied Geophysics Alban Kuriqi
Global control of electrical supply: A variational mode decomposition-aided deep learning model for energy consumption prediction Masrur Ahmed, A.A.; Bailek, N.; Abualigah, L.; Bouchouicha, K.; Kuriqi, A.; Sharifi, A.; Sareh, P.; Al khatib, A.M.G.; Mishra, P.; Colak, I.; El-kenawy, E.-S.M. 2023 V. 10(2152-2165 10.1016/j.egyr.2023.08.076 Energy Reports 5.2 Alban Kuriqi
Modeling Potential Evapotranspiration by Improved Machine Learning Methods Using Limited Climatic Data Mostafa, R.R.; Kisi, O.; Adnan, R.M.; Sadeghifar, T.; Kuriqi, A. 2023 V. 15, n.º 3 (art. 486) 10.3390/w15030486 Water 3.4 Alban Kuriqi
Assessment of future water demand and supply using WEAP model in Dhasan River Basin, Madhya Pradesh, India Nivesh, S.; Patil, J.P.; Goyal, V.C.; Saran, B.; Singh, A.K.; Raizada, A.; Malik, A.; Kuriqi, A. 2023 V. 30, n.º 10(27289-27302 10.1007/s11356-022-24050-0 Environmental Science and Pollution Research Alban Kuriqi
Optimization of Water Distribution Systems Using Genetic Algorithms: A Review Parvaze, S.; Kumar, R.; Khan, J.N.; Al-Ansari, N.; Parvaze, S.; Vishwakarma, D.K.; Elbeltagi, A.; Kuriqi, A. 2023 V. 30, n.º 7(4209-4244 10.1007/s11831-023-09944-7 Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering 9.7 Alban Kuriqi
Smart Water Grids and Digital Twin for the Management of System Efficiency in Water Distribution Networks Ramos, H.M.; Kuriqi, A.; Besharat, M.; Creaco, E.; Tasca, E.; Coronado-Hernández, O.E.; Pienika, R.; Iglesias-Rey, P. 2023 V. 15, n.º 6 (art. 1129) 10.3390/w15061129 Water 3.4 Helena Margarida Machado da Silva Ramos, Mohsen Besharat, Alban Kuriqi
Are digital twins improving urban-water systems efficiency and sustainable development goals? Ramos, H.M.; Kuriqi, A.; Coronado-Hernández, O.E.; López-Jiménez, P.A.; Pérez-Sánchez, M. 2023 10.1080/1573062X.2023.2180396 Urban Water Journal Helena Margarida Machado da Silva Ramos, Alban Kuriqi
A residue management machine for chopping paddy residues in combine harvested paddy field Ramulu, C.; Pateriya, R.N.; Naik, M.A.; Vishwakarma, D.K.; Kuriqi, A.; Al-Ansari, N.; Alataway, A.; Dewidar, A.Z.; Mattar, M.A. 2023 V. 13, n.º 1 (art. 5077) 10.1038/s41598-023-32148-9 Scientific Reports Alban Kuriqi
Entropy-based assessment of climate dynamics with varying elevations for hilly areas of Uttarakhand, India Singh, S.; Kumar, D.; Kumar, A.; Kuriqi, A. 2023 V. 9, n.º 4 (art. 130) 10.1007/s40899-023-00914-2 Sustainable Water Resources Management Alban Kuriqi
Soil erosion control from trash residues at varying land slopes under simulated rainfall conditions Singh, S.K.; Vishwakarma, D.K.; Ali Abed, S.; Al-Ansari, N.; Kashyap, P.S.; Kumar, A.; Kumar, P.; Kumar, R.; Jat, R.; Saraswat, A.; Kuriqi, A.; Elbeltagi, A.; Heddam, S.; Kim, S. 2023 V. 20, n.º 6(11403-11428 10.3934/mbe.2023506 Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering Alban Kuriqi
Assessment of a Francis Micro Hydro Turbine Performance Installed in a Wastewater Treatment Plant Tomczyk, P.; Mastalerek, K.; Wiatkowski, M.; Kuriqi, A.; Jurasz, J. 2023 V. 16, n.º 20 (art. 7214) 10.3390/en16207214 Energies Alban Kuriqi
Modeling of soil moisture movement and wetting behavior under point-source trickle irrigation Vishwakarma, D.K.; Kumar, R.; Abed, S.A.; Al-Ansari, N.; Kumar, A.; Kushwaha, N.L.; Yadav, D.; Kumawat, A.; Kuriqi, A.; Alataway, A.; Dewidar, A.Z.; Mattar, M.A. 2023 V. 13, n.º 1 (art. 14981) 10.1038/s41598-023-41435-4 Scientific Reports Alban Kuriqi
Eco-hydrological modeling of soil wetting pattern dimensions under drip irrigation systems Vishwakarma, D.K.; Kumar, R.; Tomar, A.S.; Kuriqi, A. 2023 V. 9, n.º 7 (art. e18078) 10.1016/j.heliyon.2023.e18078 Heliyon Alban Kuriqi
Forecasting of stage-discharge in a non-perennial river using machine learning with gamma test Vishwakarma, D.K.; Kuriqi, A.; Abed, S.A.; Kishore, G.; Al-Ansari, N.; Pandey, K.; Kumar, P.; Kushwaha, N.L.; Jewel, A. 2023 V. 9, n.º 5 (art. e16290) 10.1016/j.heliyon.2023.e16290 Heliyon Alban Kuriqi
Sustainable management of two-directional lateral and upconing saltwater intrusion in coastline aquifers to alleviate water scarcity Abd-Elaty, I.; Kuriqi, A.; Bhat, S.A.; Zelenakova, M. 2022 V. 36, n.º 9 (art. e14646) 10.1002/hyp.14646 Hydrological Processes 3.784 Alban Kuriqi
Environmental rethinking of wastewater drains to manage environmental pollution and alleviate water scarcity Abd-Elaty, I.; Kuriqi, A.; Shahawy, A.E. 2022 V. 110, n.º 3(2353-2380 10.1007/s11069-021-05040-w Natural Hazards 3.158 Alban Kuriqi
Cost-effective management measures for coastal aquifers affected by saltwater intrusion and climate change Abd-Elaty, I.; Kushwaha, N.L.; Grismer, M.E.; Elbeltagi, A.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 836 (art. 155656) 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.155656 Science of The Total Environment 10.754 Alban Kuriqi
Numerical assessment of riverbank filtration using gravel back filter to improve water quality in arid regions Abd-Elaty, I.; Saleh, O.K.; Ghanayem, H.M.; Zeleňáková, M.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 10 (art. 1006930) 10.3389/feart.2022.1006930 Frontiers in Earth Science 3.661 Alban Kuriqi
Application of Biochar for Improving Physical, Chemical, and Hydrological Soil Properties: A Systematic Review Ahmad Bhat, S.; Kuriqi, A.; Dar, M.U.D.; Bhat, O.; Sammen, S.S.; Towfiqul Islam, A.R.M.; Elbeltagi, A.; Shah, O.; AI-Ansari, N.; Ali, R.; Heddam, S. 2022 V. 14, n.º 17 (art. 11104) 10.3390/su141711104 Sustainability 3.889 Alban Kuriqi
Innovative configuration of vertical slot fishway to enhance fish swimming conditions Ahmadi, M.; Kuriqi, A.; Nezhad, H.M.; Ghaderi, A.; Mohammadi, M. 2022 V. 34, n.º 5(917-933 10.1007/s42241-022-0071-y Journal of Hydrodynamics 2.983 Alban Kuriqi
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Bridge Configuration Effect on Hydraulic Regime Ardiclioglu, M.; Hadi, A.M.W.M.; Periku, E.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 20, n.º 8(981-991 10.1007/s40999-022-00715-2 International Journal of Civil Engineering 2.184 Alban Kuriqi
DEM resolution effects on machine learning performance for flood probability mapping Avand, M.; Kuriqi, A.; Khazaei, M.; Ghorbanzadeh, O. 2022 V. 40(1-16 10.1016/j.jher.2021.10.002 Journal of Hydro-Environment Research 2.699 Alban Kuriqi
Evaluation of management practices on agricultural nonpoint source pollution discharges into the rivers under climate change effects Badrzadeh, N.; Samani, J.M.V.; Mazaheri, M.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 838 (art. 156643) 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.156643 Science of The Total Environment 10.754 Alban Kuriqi
Rainfall in the Urban Area and Its Impact on Climatology and Population Growth da Silva Monteiro, L.; de Oliveira-Júnior, J.F.; Ghaffar, B.; Tariq, A.; Qin, S.; Mumtaz, F.; Correia Filho, W.L.F.; Shah, M.; da Rosa Ferraz Jardim, A.M.; da Silva, M.V.; de Barros Santiago, D.; Barros, H.G.; Mendes, D.; Abreu, M.C.; de Souza, A.; Pimentel, L.C.G.; da Silva, J.L.B.; Aslam, M.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 13, n.º 10 (art. 1610) 10.3390/atmos13101610 Atmosphere 3.110 Alban Kuriqi
Influence of Sill on the Hydraulic Regime in Sluice Gates: An Experimental and Numerical Analysis Daneshfaraz, R.; Norouzi, R.; Abbaszadeh, H.; Kuriqi, A.; Di Francesco, S. 2022 V. 7, n.º 7 (art. 244) 10.3390/fluids7070244 Fluids Alban Kuriqi
Detection of Water Spread Area Changes in Eutrophic Lake Using Landsat Data Deoli, V.; Kumar, D.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 22, n.º 18 (art. 6827) 10.3390/s22186827 Sensors 3.847 Alban Kuriqi
Hourly predictions of direct normal irradiation using an innovative hybrid LSTM model for concentrating solar power projects in hyper-arid regions Djaafari, A.; Ibrahim, A.; Bailek, N.; Bouchouicha, K.; Hassan, M.A.; Kuriqi, A.; Al-Ansar, N.; El-kenawy, E.-S.M. 2022 V. 8(15548-15562 10.1016/j.egyr.2022.10.402 Energy Reports 4.937 Alban Kuriqi
Land subsidence and environmental threats in coastal aquifers under sea level rise and over-pumping stress El Shinawi, A.; Kuriqi, A.; Zelenakova, M.; Vranayova, Z.; Abd-Elaty, I. 2022 V. 608 (art. 127607) 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2022.127607 Journal of Hydrology 6.708 Alban Kuriqi
Improved weighted ensemble learning for predicting the daily reference evapotranspiration under the semi-arid climate conditions El-kenawy, E.-S.M.; Zerouali, B.; Bailek, N.; Bouchouich, K.; Hassan, M.A.; Almorox, J.; Kuriqi, A.; Eid, M.; Ibrahim, A. 2022 V. 29, n.º 54(81279-81299 10.1007/s11356-022-21410-8 Environmental Science and Pollution Research 5.190 Alban Kuriqi
Evaluation of energy extraction of PV systems affected by environmental factors under real outdoor conditions Hassan, M.A.; Bailek, N.; Bouchouicha, K.; Ibrahim, A.; Jamil, B.; Kuriqi, A.; Nwokolo, S.C.; El-kenawy, E.-S.M. 2022 V. 150, n.º 1-2(715-729 10.1007/s00704-022-04166-6 Sustainable Water Resources Management Alban Kuriqi
Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Landscape Transformation in Western Balkans’ Metropolitan Areas Hyka, I.; Hysa, A.; Dervishi, S.; Solomun, M.K.; Kuriqi, A.; Vishwakarma, D.K.; Sestras, P. 2022 V. 11, n.º 11 (art. 1892) 10.3390/land11111892 Land 3.905 Alban Kuriqi
Potential use of groundwater for irrigation purposes in the Middle Euphrates region, Iraq Khafaji, M.S.A.; Alwan, I.A.; Khalaf, A.G.; Bhat, S.A.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 8, n.º 5 (art. 157) 10.1007/s40899-022-00749-3 Sustainable Water Resources Management Alban Kuriqi
Comparative evaluation of deep learning and machine learning in modelling pan evaporation using limited inputs Kisi, O.; Mirboluki, A.; Naganna, S.R.; Malik, A.; Kuriqi, A.; Mehraein, M. 2022 V. 67, n.º 9(1309-1327 10.1080/02626667.2022.2063724 Hydrological Sciences Journal-Journal des Sciences Hydrologiques 3.942 Alban Kuriqi
Full-Scale Interface Friction Testing of Geotextile-Based Flood Defence Structures Klipalo, E.; Besharat, M.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 12, n.º 7 (art. 990) 10.3390/buildings12070990 Buildings 3.324 Mohsen Besharat, Alban Kuriqi
Modeling stage–discharge–sediment using support vector machine and artificial neural network coupled with wavelet transform Kumar, M.; Kumar, P.; Kumar, A.; Elbeltagi, A.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 12, n.º 5 (art. 87) 10.1007/s13201-022-01621-7 Applied Water Science 5.411 Alban Kuriqi
Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Snowmelt Runoff in Himalayan Region Kumar, R.; Manzoor, S.; Vishwakarma, D.K.; Al-Ansari, N.; Kushwaha, N.L.; Elbeltagi, A.; Sushanth, K.; Prasad, V.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 14, n.º 3 (art. 1150) 10.3390/su14031150 Sustainability 3.889 Alban Kuriqi
A review on emerging water contaminants and the application of sustainable removal technologies Kumar, R.; Qureshi, M.; Vishwakarma, D.K.; Al-Ansari, N.; Kuriqi, A.; Elbeltagi, A.; Saraswat, A. 2022 V. 6 (art. 100219) 10.1016/j.cscee.2022.100219 Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering Alban Kuriqi
Modeling Average Grain Velocity for Rectangular Channel Using Soft Computing Techniques Kumari, A.; Kumar, A.; Kumar, M.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 14, n.º 9 (art. 1325) 10.3390/w14091325 Water 3.530 Alban Kuriqi
Estimation of Actual Evapotranspiration and Crop Coefficient of Transplanted Puddled Rice Using a Modified Non-Weighing Paddy Lysimeter Kumari, A; Upadhyaya, A; Jeet, P; Al-Ansari, N; Rajput, J; Sundaram, PK; Saurabh, K; Prakash, V; Singh, AK; Raman, RK; Gaddikeri, V; Kuriqi, A 2022 V. 12, n.º 11 (art. 2850) 10.3390/agronomy12112850 Agronomy 3.949 Alban Kuriqi
Energy Storage Benefits Assessment Using Multiple-Choice Criteria: The Case of Drini River Cascade, Albania Malka, L.; Daci, A.; Kuriqi, A.; Bartocci, P.; Rrapaj, E. 2022 V. 15, n.º 11 (art. 4032) 10.3390/en15114032 Energies 3.252 Alban Kuriqi
Optimum insulation thickness design of exterior walls and overhauling cost to enhance the energy efficiency of Albanian's buildings stock Malka, L.; Kuriqi, A.; Haxhimusa, A. 2022 V. 381 (art. 135160) 10.1016/j.jclepro.2022.135160 Journal of Cleaner Production 11.072 Alban Kuriqi
Flow resistance and velocity distribution in a smooth triangular channel Nezhad, H.M.; Mohammadi, M.; Ghaderi, A.; Bagherzadeh, M.; Ricardoc, A.M.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 22, n.º 5(5253-5264 10.2166/ws.2022.142 Water Supply 1.768 Alban Kuriqi
Hydraulic jump over an adverse slope controlled by different roughness elements Parsamehr, P.; Kuriqi, A.; Farsadizadeh, D.; Dalir, A.H.; Daneshfaraz, R.; Ferreira, R.M.L. 2022 V. 36, n.º 14(5729-5749 10.1007/s11269-022-03330-x Water Resources Management 4.426 Rui Miguel Lage Ferreira, Alban Kuriqi
Watershed prioritization using morphometric analysis by MCDM approaches Sarkar, P.; Kumar, P.; Vishwakarma, D.K.; Ashok, A.; Elbeltagi, A.; Gupta, S.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 70 (art. 101763) 10.1016/j.ecoinf.2022.101763 Ecological Informatics 4.498 Alban Kuriqi
Spatial Variation and Relation of Aerosol Optical Depth with LULC and Spectral Indices Sharma, V; Ghosh, S; Singh, S; Vishwakarma, DK; Al-Ansari, N; Tiwari, RK; Kuriqi, A 2022 V. 13, n.º 12 (art. 1992) 10.3390/atmos13121992 Atmosphere 3.110 Alban Kuriqi
Modeling of stage-discharge using back propagation ANN-, ANFIS-, and WANN-based computing techniques Shukla, R.; Kumar, P.; Vishwakarma, D.K.; Ali, R.; Kumar, R.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 147, n.º 3-4(867-889 10.1007/s00704-021-03863-y Theoretical and Applied Climatology 3.410 Alban Kuriqi
An Integrated Statistical-Machine Learning Approach for Runoff Prediction Singh, A.K.; Kumar, P.; Ali, R.; Al-Ansari, N.; Vishwakarma, D.K.; Kushwaha, K.S.; Panda, K.C.; Sagar, A.; Mirzania, E.; Elbeltagi, A.; Kuriqi, A.; Heddam, S. 2022 V. 14, n.º 13 (art. 8209) 10.3390/su14138209 Sustainability 3.889 Alban Kuriqi
Small Hydropower Plants’ Impacts on the Ecological Status Indicators of Urban Rivers Tomczyk, P.; Wiatkowski, M.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 12, n.º 24 (art. 12882) 10.3390/app122412882 Applied Sciences-Basel 2.838 Alban Kuriqi
Pre- and post-dam river water temperature alteration prediction using advanced machine learning models Vishwakarma, D.K.; Ali, R.; Bhat, S.A.; Elbeltagi, A.; Kushwaha, N.L.; Kumar, R.; Rajput, J.; Heddam, S.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 29, n.º 55(83321-83346 10.1007/s11356-022-21596-x Environmental Science and Pollution Research 5.190 Alban Kuriqi
Methods to estimate evapotranspiration in humid and subtropical climate conditions Vishwakarma, D.K.; Pandey, K.; Kaur, A.; Kushwaha, N.L.; Kumar, R.; Ali, R.; Elbeltagi, A.; Kuriqi, A. 2022 V. 261 (art. 107378) 10.1016/j.agwat.2021.107378 Agricultural Water Management 6.611 Alban Kuriqi
An alternative to the Grain for Green Program for soil and water conservation in the upper Huaihe River basin, China Wei, C.; Dong, X.; Yu, D.; Liu, J.; Reta, G.; Zhao, W.; Kuriqi, A.; Su, B. 2022 V. 43 (art. 101180) 10.1016/j.ejrh.2022.101180 Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 5.437 Alban Kuriqi
Sustainable saltwater intrusion management in coastal aquifers under climatic changes for humid and hyper-arid regions Abd-Elaty, I.; Straface, S.; Kuriqi, A. 2021 V. 171 (art. 106382) 10.1016/j.ecoleng.2021.106382 Ecological Engineering 4.035 Alban Kuriqi
Air temperature prediction using different machine learning models Adnan, R.M.; Liang, Z.; Kuriqi, A.; Kisi, O.; Malik, A.; Li, B.; Mortazavizadeh, F. 2021 V. 22, n.º 1 (534-541) 10.11591/ijeecs.v22.i1.pp534-541 Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Alban Kuriqi
Estimating reference evapotranspiration using hybrid adaptive fuzzy inferencing coupled with heuristic algorithms Adnan, R.M.; Mostafa, R.; Islam, A.R.M.T.; Kisi, O.; Kuriqi, A.; Heddam, S. 2021 V. 191 (art. 106541) 10.1016/j.compag.2021.106541 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 5.565 Alban Kuriqi
Improving drought modeling using hybrid random vector functional link methods Adnan, R.M.; Mostafa, R.R.; Islam, A.R.M.T.; Gorgij, A.D.; Kuriqi, A.; Kisi, O. 2021 V. 13, n.º 23 (art. 3379) 10.3390/w13233379 Water 3.103 Alban Kuriqi
Numerical investigation of hydraulics in a vertical slot fishway with upgraded configurations Ahmadi, M.; Ghaderi, A.; Nezhad, H.M.; Kuriqi, A.; Francesco, S.D. 2021 V. 13, n.º 19 (art. 2711) 10.3390/w13192711 Water 3.103 Alban Kuriqi
Energy harvesting and water saving in arid regions via solar pv accommodation in irrigation canals Alhejji, A.; Kuriqi, A.; Jurasz, J.; Abo-Elyousr, F.K. 2021 V. 14, n.º 9 (art. 2620) 10.3390/en14092620 Energies 3.004 Alban Kuriqi
Total solar irradiance's effect on the performance of empirical models for estimating global solar radiation: An empirical-based review Almorox, J.; Voyant, C.; Bailek, N.; Kuriqi, A.; Arnaldo, J.A. 2021 V. 236 (art. 121486) 10.1016/ Energy 7.147 Alban Kuriqi
Sediment yield and reservoir sedimentation in highly dynamic watersheds: The case of koga reservoir, ethiopia Ayele, G.T.; Kuriqi, A.; Jemberrie, M.A.; Saia, S.M.; Seka, A.M.; Teshale, E.Z.; Daba, M.H.; Ahmad Bhat, S.; Demissie, S.S.; Jeong, J.; Melesse, A.M. 2021 V. 13, n.º 23 (art. 3374) 10.3390/w13233374 Water 3.103 Alban Kuriqi
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