Marta Torres González

Title Authors Year Volume DOI Journal Impact factor Clar.Analytics CERIS Members
Influence of special report on emissions scenarios and the representative concentration pathways scenarios on the preservation of churches with a deficient microclimate Bienvenido-Huertas, D.; Torres-González, M.; León-Muñoz, M.; Martín-del-Río, J.J. 2022 V. 62 (art. 105349) 10.1016/j.jobe.2022.105349 Journal of Building Engineering 7.144 Marta Torres González
Analysis of alterations presented in a white-concrete façade exposed to a marine environment—A case study in Cadiz (Spain) Flores-Ales, V.; Alejandre, F.J.; Blasco-Lopez, F.J.; Torres-Gonzalez, M.; Alducin-Ochoa, J.M. 2022 V. 9, n.º 2(255-269) 10.3934/matersci.2022015 AIMS Materials Science Marta Torres González
The Maintenance of Monuments as the Main Trigger to Negative Feelings in Tourists Mendes, M.P.; Torres-González, M.; Valença, J.; Silva, A. 2022 V. 12, n.º 12 (art. 2153) 10.3390/buildings12122153 Buildings 3.324 Jónatas Miguel de Almeida Valença, Maria Paula Sofio Silva Mendes, Ana Filipa Ferreira da Silva Cigarro Matos, Marta Torres González
Methodology to Evaluate the State of Conservation of Historical Plasterwork and Its Polychrome to Promote Its Conservation Torres-González, M.; Alejandre, F.J.; Alducin-Ochoa, J.M.; Calero-Castillo, A.I.; Blasco-López, F.J.; Carrasco-Huertas, A.; Flores-Alés, V. 2022 V. 12, n.º 10 (art. 4814) 10.3390/app12104814 Applied Sciences-Basel 2.838 Marta Torres González
Characterization and radioactive evaluation of the concrete from a radiotherapy bunker Torres-González, M.; Mantero, J.; Hurtado, S.; Flores-Alés, V.; Alejandre, F.J.; Alducín-Ochoa, J.M. 2022 V. 23, n.º 5(3102-3113) 10.1002/suco.202100379 Structural Concrete 2.793 Marta Torres González
Guidelines for Conservation and Restoration of Historic Polychrome Plasterwork: the Church of St María la Blanca in Seville, Spain Torres-González, M.; Martín-Del-Rio, J.J.; Alejandre-Sánchez, F.J.; León Muñoz, M.; Bienvenido-Huertas, D.; Macías Bernal, J.M. 2022 V. 68, n.º 5 10.1080/00393630.2022.2072096 Studies in Conservation 0.847 Marta Torres González
Long-term environmental monitoring for preventive conservation of external historical plasterworks Torres-González, M.; Rubio-Bellido, C.; Bienvenido-Huertas, D.; Alducin-Ochoa, J.M.; Flores-Alés, V. 2022 V. 47 (art. 103896) 10.1016/j.jobe.2021.103896 Journal of Building Engineering 7.144 Marta Torres González


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