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Inês Marques Ramalhete

Research Assistant

Masters degree in Architecture at the Lisbon University Institute – ISCTE (2011); Postgraduate studies in Sustainable Construction at the Faculty of Science and Technology of Nova University of Lisbon – FCT/UNL; Participation and collaboration with several public entities, namely in Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and São Tomé e Principe. Currently attends the Doctorate in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon University, whose the subject is related to sustainable low-cost housing for developing countries; Researcher at GEOTPU.

Title Authors Year Volume DOI Journal Impact factor Clar.Analytics CERIS Members
Contribution of humidity to the degradation of façade claddings in current buildings Pereira, C.; de Brito, J.; Silvestre, J.D. 2018 V. 90, 103-115, August 10.1016/j.engfailanal.2018.03.028 Engineering Failure Analysis 2,203 Jorge Manuel Caliço Lopes de Brito, Inês Marques Ramalhete, Clara Isabel Fernandes Pereira