António Armando Ortiz Soares


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Influence of exposure to elevated temperatures on the physical and mechanical properties of cementitious thermal mortars Pereira, M.C.; Soares, A.; Flores-Colen, I.; Correia, J.R. 2020 V. 10, n.º 6, (2200) , -. 10.3390/app10062200 Applied Sciences-Basel 2,474 Inês dos Santos Flores Barbosa Colen, João Pedro Ramôa Ribeiro Correia, António Armando Ortiz Soares
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Advancements in Silica Aerogel-Based Mortars Nanotechnology in Cement-Based Construction Soares, A.; Flores-Colen, I.; de Brito, J. D'Alessandro, A.; Materazzi, A.L.; Ubertini, F. 2020 Jenny Stanford Publishing 1 10.1201/9780429328497 9780429328497 Jorge Manuel Caliço Lopes de Brito, Inês dos Santos Flores Barbosa Colen, António Armando Ortiz Soares