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Transportation Systems

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Sofia Kalakou


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Gender perceptions of active mobility: Insights from three European cities Carboni, A.; Pirra, M.; Costa, M.; Kalakou, S. 2021 n.º 85 10.48295/ET.2021.85.9 European Transport - Trasporti Europei Sofia Kalakou
Assessing efficiency in public service obligations in European air transport using Data Envelopment Analysis Costa, J.; Alves, T.; Andrade, A.R.; Kalakou, S. 2021 V. 9, n.º 4 (1783-1809) 10.1016/j.cstp.2021.09.004 Case Studies on Transport Policy Sofia Kalakou
Analyzing passenger behavior in airport terminals based on activity preferences Kalakou, S.; Moura, F. 2021 V. 96 (art. 102110) 10.1016/j.jairtraman.2021.102110 Journal of Air Transport Management 4.134 Filipe Manuel Mercier Vilaça e Moura, Sofia Kalakou
Designing aviation networks under Public Service Obligations (PSO): A case study in Greece Leandro, F.; Andrade, A.R.; Kalakou, S. 2021 V. 93 (art. 102042) 10.1016/j.jairtraman.2021.102042 Journal of Air Transport Management 4.134 Sofia Kalakou
A preliminary analysis on gender aspects in transport systems and mobility services: Presentation of a survey design Pirra, M.; Kalakou, S.; Carboni, A.; Costa, M.; Diana, M.; Lynce, A.R. 2021 V. 13, n.º 5 (art. 2676)(1-20) 10.3390/su13052676 Sustainability 3.251 Sofia Kalakou


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