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Instituto Superior Técnico
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Systems and Management

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Rui Manuel Moura de Carvalho Oliveira

Associate Professor

Main generic domain of activity: development of models and decision support systems (employing quantitative tools such as combinatorial optimization techniques, simulation models, statistical methods or multi-criteria decision aids) applied namely to logistics, transportation and industrial systems.

Specific topics of interest:
•    Operational Research
•    Digital simulation models
•    Optimization techniques, namely combinatorial optimization (vehicle routing, scheduling)
•    Data analysis (including multivariate techniques) and statistical modelling
•    Multi-criteria decision analysis
Experience in project and consulting activities for a variety of industrial and government organizations addressing complex decision-making problems at strategic, tactical and operational levels, from systems design to operations management. Specific domains of application have included procurement and contacting, logistics management and distribution planning, inventory control, production planning and scheduling, facilities layout and network design.


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Student Name Supervisor External Supervisor Co-Supervisors External Co-Supervisor #1 External Co-Supervisor #2 Title PhD Programme Universities Granting Title Funding Institution Scholarship Total PhD Funding PhD Funding for CERIS Begining Date End Date Year
PDF João António de Abreu e Silva Rui Manuel Moura de Carvalho Oliveira Dealing with risk and uncertainty for better transportation infrastructure megaprojects development. Lessons learnt from Portugal Transport Systems Instituto Superior Técnico FCT FCT scholarship (PD/BD/105717/2014) 24/11/2014 28/10/2021 2021