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Instituto Superior Técnico
IST-ID – Associação do Instituto Superior Técnico para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento (Portugal)
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Structures and Geotechnics
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Ionut Dragos Moldovan


Domain of activity:

  • Computational mechanics;
  • Geomechanics;
  • Numerical methods;
  • Hybrid finite element formulations.

Present research topics:

  • Hybrid-Trefftz finite elements for acoustic, heat transfer and structural transient problems;
  • Hybrid finite elements for non-linear problems;
  • Automatic p-adaptive algorithms;
  • Dual Reciprocity Method for non-homogeneous boundary value problems;
  • Wave propagation in geomaterials;
  • Coupled numerical-experimental techniques for dynamic characterization of geomaterials.


Title Authors Year Volume DOI Journal Impact factor Clar.Analytics CERIS Members
Reliability of probabilistic numerical data for training machine learning algorithms to detect damage in bridges Bud, M.A.; Moldovan, I.; Radu, L.; Nedelcu, M.; Figueiredo, E. 2022 V. 29, n.º 7 (art. e2950) 10.1002/stc.2950 Structural Control & Health Monitoring 6.058 Ionut Dragos Moldovan, Elói João Faria Figueiredo
Hybrid-Trefftz displacement elements for three-dimensional elastodynamics Climent, N.; Moldovan, I.D.; Bendea, E.D. 2022 V. 70, n.º 6(1083-1105) 10.1007/s00466-022-02224-4 Computational Mechanics 4.391 Ionut Dragos Moldovan, Natàlia Climent Pera , Elena Daniela Bendea
Three-dimensional hybrid-Trefftz displacement elements for poroelastodynamic problems in saturated media Climent, N.; Moldovan, I.D.; Freitas, J.A. 2022 V. 123, n.º 12(2919-2958) 10.1002/nme.6965 International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 3.021 Ionut Dragos Moldovan, Natàlia Climent Pera
Damage Detection Approach for Bridges under Temperature Effects using Gaussian Process Regression Trained with Hybrid Data Da Silva, S.; Figueiredo, E.; Moldovan, I. 2022 V. 27, n.º 11 (art. 4022107) 10.1061/(ASCE)BE.1943-5592.0001949 Journal of Bridge Engineering 3.385 Ionut Dragos Moldovan, Elói João Faria Figueiredo
Smartphone Application for Structural Health Monitoring of Bridges Figueiredo, E.; Moldovan, I.; Alves, P.; Rebelo, H.; Souza, L. 2022 V. 22, n.º 21 (art. 8483) 10.3390/s22218483 Sensors 3.847 Ionut Dragos Moldovan, Elói João Faria Figueiredo
A local frequency-dependent absorbing boundary condition for unsaturated porous media based on the theory of mixtures with interfaces Moldovan, I.D. 2022 V. 155 (art. 107187) 10.1016/j.soildyn.2022.107187 Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 4.250 Ionut Dragos Moldovan
Direct boundary method toolbox for some elliptic problems in FreeHyTE framework Borkowski, M.; Moldovan, I.D. 2021 V. 125 (208-217) 10.1016/j.enganabound.2021.01.013 Engineering Analysis With Boundary Elements 2.964 Ionut Dragos Moldovan
A hybrid-Trefftz finite element platform for solid and porous elastodynamics Moldovan, I.D.; Climent, N.; Bendea, E.D.; Cismasiu, I.; Gomes Correia, A. 2021 V. 124 (155-173) 10.1016/j.enganabound.2020.12.014 Engineering Analysis With Boundary Elements 2.964 Ionut Dragos Moldovan, Natàlia Climent Pera , Ildi Cismasiu
Optimisation of receiver's location in bender element experiments using computational wave filtration Moldovan, I.D.; Correia, A.G. 2021 V. 143 (art. 106591) 10.1016/j.soildyn.2021.106591 Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 4.250 Ionut Dragos Moldovan
On rank-deficiency in direct Trefftz method for 2D Laplace problems Borkowski, M.; Moldovan, I.D. 2019 V. 106, 102-115 10.1016/j.enganabound.2019.05.003 Engineering Analysis With Boundary Elements 2,243 Ionut Dragos Moldovan
Finite element–based machine-learning approach to detect damage in bridges under operational and environmental variations Figueiredo, E.; Moldovan, I.; Santos, A.; Campos, P.; Costa, J.C.W.A. 2019 V. 24, n.º 7 (art. 4019061) 10.1061/(ASCE)BE.1943-5592.0001432 Journal of Bridge Engineering 1,84 Ionut Dragos Moldovan
Hybrid-Trefftz finite elements for non-homogeneous parabolic problems using a novel dual reciprocity variant Moldovan, I.; Coutinho, A.; Cismaşiu, I. 2019 V. 106, 228-242 10.1016/j.enganabound.2019.05.012 Engineering Analysis With Boundary Elements 2,243 Ionut Dragos Moldovan
FreeHyTE: a hybrid-Trefftz finite element platform Moldovan, I.D.; Cismaşiu, I. 2018 V. 121, 98-119 10.1016/j.advengsoft.2018.03.014 Advances in Engineering Software 4,194 Ionut Dragos Moldovan


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Student Name Supervisor External Supervisor Co-Supervisors External Co-Supervisor #1 External Co-Supervisor #2 Title PhD Programme Universities Granting Title Funding Institution Scholarship Total PhD Funding PhD Funding for CERIS Begining Date End Date Year
PDF Ionut Dragos Moldovan Ildi Cismasiu António Gomes Correia Coupled numerical-experimental approach to dynamic characterization of geomaterials. Civil Engineering FCT - UNL FCT FCT scholarship (2021.06397.BD) 10/09/2021 ongoing
PDF Elói João Faria Figueiredo Ionut Dragos Moldovan João Weyl da Costa Integration of structural health monitoring into bridge monitoring system in Brazil. Electrical Engineering UF Pará Departamento Nacional de Infraestrutura de Transportes (Brazil) Departamento Nacional de Infraestrutura de Transportes, Brazil 01/01/2017 ongoing
PDF Mihai Nedelcu Ionut Dragos Moldovan, Elói João Faria Figueiredo Integration of model- and data-based approaches for reliable structural health monitoring of bridges. Civil Engineering UTCN – Universitatea Tehnica Cluj-Napoca (Romania) UTCN – Universitatea Tehnica Cluj-Napoca (Romania) TUCN scholarship (Roménia) 10/01/2019 ongoing
Name Reference Type PI Names CERIS Coordinator Research Group Other CERIS Members Leading Institution Other Institutions Funding Institutions Total Funding Funding for Ceris Beginning Date End Date State Website
PDF CEN-DynaGeo – Coupled Experimental and Numerical Approaches Toward Reliable Dynamic Characterization of Multi-phase Geomaterials PTDC/EAM-GTC/29923/2017 National Ionut Dragos Moldovan João António Teixeira de Freitas IST-ID – Associação do Instituto Superior Técnico para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento (Portugal) FCT 233723,75 142323,06 2018 2022