Adriana Sofia Rodrigues Boaventura de Azevedo

Master degree in Civil Engineering (area of expertise Structures) at Instituto Superior Técnico. PhD student in the area of fire resistance behaviour of reinforced concrete structures strengthened with advanced fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) systems, such as prestressed CFRP (FRP with carbon fibres) systems.
Title Authors Year Volume DOI Journal Impact factor Clar.Analytics CERIS Members
Fire behaviour of CFRP-strengthened RC slabs using different techniques – EBR, NSM and CREatE Azevedo, A.S.; Firmo, J.P.; Correia, J.R.; Chastre, C.; Biscaia, H.; Franco, N. 2022 V. 230 (art. 109471) 10.1016/j.compositesb.2021.109471 Composites Part B: Engineering 11.322 João Pedro Lage da Costa Firmo, João Pedro Ramôa Ribeiro Correia, Carlos Manuel Chastre Rodrigues, Adriana Sofia Rodrigues Boaventura de Azevedo
Influence of elevated temperatures on epoxy adhesive used in CFRP strengthening systems for civil engineering applications Firmo, J.P.; Roquette, M.G.; Correia, J.R.; Azevedo, A.S. 2019 V. 93 (art. 102333) 10.1016/j.ijadhadh.2019.01.027 International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives 2,501 João Pedro Lage da Costa Firmo, João Pedro Ramôa Ribeiro Correia, Adriana Sofia Rodrigues Boaventura de Azevedo


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